Balázs Vándor, aka. Balu

Welcome to my homepage!
I have not had time in the last few years to update my pages, so I am keeping up only the ones that might have useful content that does not age!

Links to my other pages:

Please visit my Photo Album for links to some old travel pics.
The Volvo 240 Modifications Page: I compiled what I learned about these cars to make the process easier for others.
I also put together a list of Volvo Parts Places and other Resources. This is from around 2005-10, so many links are probably out of date.
My Cars, current, past, and some interesting cars in the family.

I've seen a page that claimed to be the last page on the Internet not linked to the Dilbert Zone. Let them be right:

I found another comic strip that I like at least as much as, if not better than Dilbert: it's Sherman's Lagoon.

It's about Sherman, a white shark, and other creatures living in a tropical lagoon. They have a very funny perspective on our world! I love this comic strip and highly recommend it!

And another totally different strip is XKCD, grown out of hacker culture. Very interesting, insightful, funny:

Another source of internet merriment is A Word a Day (AWAD) which sends a new vocabulary word to your mailbox every day, along with its origin and pronunciation. They also include a wise or humorous quote in each mail. Some say that their mailbox gets full too quickly already, and I tend to agree, but AWAD is only 5 mails a week, and it adds a bit of sanity to the day (a word a day keeps the shrink away?). Find below the word for today:

Links to organizations I belong

Wildlife Research Team: volunteering for habitat restoration in the mangroves of South Florida.
Puff Dragon Boat Team: great exercise and great team spirit!
The Center for Inquiry: an organization for the promotion of science and reason.
Mensa International, an organization for high-minded exchange!
Volvo Club of America: I think the name says it all.
The Institute of Industrial Engineers lets me keep up with developments in my profession while I try a different career!

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