Mozambique Trip Pictures

December 2000
Pictures by my dad Peter, my brother Csaba and myself
The quality of the pictures is low due to the state of digital photography 4 years ago!

Windhoek, the capital in the desert
Since the country was colonized by Germans, a lot of the older urban architecture contains Germanic elements:

Etosha National Park

Driving in Namibia
Driving on the left side: warning sticker on the rental car's dash, and warning signs with the local fauna:

Cape Cross

This is where the first Portuguese sailors landed, and they planted this huge cross that they were carrying in their cargo hold just for this purpose. Nowadays the area is inhabited by thousands of seals, which look very cute on the pictures, but in person have an overpowering smell.


This coastal city was much colder than Windhoek, as not only is it close to the ocean, but there is a current from the Antarctic sweeping by it.

Ore mining (as well as diamond mining) is one of Namibia's main industries, and this museum feature the largest single crystal ever found (pictured below with my Mom):

In front of a souvenir shop with Csaba:

Csaba is being funny:

With Mom in Walvis Bay:

Trees shaped by the wind:

This steam engine was bought at the beginning of the industrial age to replace the caravans taking goods to Windhoek. Of the 3 cars it pulled, one contained wood and one contained water to keep it running. It broke down long before reaching the capital.

The Namibian desert, with the tallest dunes in the world:

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