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by Balu Vandor

I have dealt with many different parts places and other resources over the 12 years that I have been owning and fixing Volvos. I thought I'll list the ones with which I had good experiences.
I also sell used parts on my Parts Page.
I have not dealt with some of the vendors listed below for quite a while, so if the terms that I list have changed, please let me know. Also let me know if you have a bad experience with anyone I list, or if you had a good experience with a vendor that is not listed - I will be happy to add them.
I own the older rear-wheel-drive (RWD) Volvos, and that is the market that many of these resources serve. Some of them might serve the FWD/AWD market as well.


Used Parts Resources
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Used Parts Resources

The established businesses are more expensive in general then you-pull-it yard prices, but often lower than other sources, so if you are not the junkyarding type or need something quick, I recommend you check with them before going to a dealer or such.

Discount Dealers and other New-Part Sources

Modifications / Aftermarket Resources



  • Performance Driveline is a driveline shop in Danielsville, PA, about 20 minutes North of Allentown, PA. They installed a Detroit TrueTrac limited slip differential in my '80 245 and installed new boots on the 780's CV axle.
    It's one of those shops that you don't find in large urban centers any more: they know what they are doing and charge very reasonable prices. PD can be reached at 610-760-0145.
  • Mad Hatter Muffler Shop in Davie, FL, in the Fort Lauderdale area. They are a few guys with excellent skill with exhaust tubing - the place is surrounded by art made of exhaust tubing and mufflers! They are located at 4950 S State Road 7 (US 441) and their number is (954) 797-9152.

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